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The premiere episode for season three of The Strain, started off with a bang, as a group of soldiers hunted down a nest of Strogoi.  In this Episode, Setrakian is working with Mr. Quilan to translate The Lumen.  Mr. Fet is working with Councilwoman Feraldo, in trying to win the war against the Vampires.  Ephrain is drinking and searching for Zach.  Gus is feeding his Vampire Mon his own blood.  The Master shows his might in taking out Navy Seals.  The German is as fast as ever, escaping the bullets from Fet’s machine gun.  Do not read this if you have not watched the show.  Kelly Goodweather has Zach. Zach is presently unharmed and actually helps to make up his mother.  She appears before Ephaim and offers him the trade of Zach for the

Image result for the strain the lumen  Lumen.  EDB





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