Watching Stephen Drew pop out in the infield, with two men on and Teixiera waiting on deck, is just the end to the story.  All began with the usual short and crappy start by Chris Crapuano.  Another error by Disgrace Dreadley.  Very few hits by the Yankees anemic and pathetic batting order.  Three disgraceful holes in the batting order: Drew, Young and Gregorious.  Now, the team that swept the Royals and few us the propaganda, has lost two in a row to The Dreadful A’s.  They goo for loss number three, tomorrow, with Nathan “give up those hits” Eovaldi.  EDB

Some stats to ponder:

Capuano 0-3 6.29

Beltran  .239 4 homeruns in almost June

Garret Jones .236 one homerun (looks like this is not a NY player)

Drew .158  (when is it enough with this stiff!)

Young .223

Gregarious .210   EDB


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