untitled Tonight The Yankees matched up

images Chris Capuano with

untitled Sonny Gary, A’s ace.  You have to play the game, but really, the Yankees are totally overmatched.  Capuano came in with an 0-2 record and a 7.36 E.R.A.  The Yankees flubbed the ball, but Capuano did his usual act of putting men on base, every inning.  Here is the worst,

untitled Bob Lorenz, a total suck up to The Yankees, happy to do this late, West Coast game, did everything to make sure he gets another game to announce.  The Orioles rallied to beat the Rays.  Lorenz said “The Yankees have a Scoush more breathing room over The Rays.”  Lorenz in talking about Capuano stated that Adam Warren should be sent to the bullpen.  Lorenz said “The Yankees are paying him five million.”  This could be deemed honesty.  The biggest shock, Flash Flaherty agreed.  This is one of the most idiotic statements I have heard.  You are going to retard Warren’s development.  Warren is a young arm, finally finding himself.  You want to do this for a pitcher, who after this game, will be 2-6 as a Yankee.  I am getting sicker by the minute.  Lorenz: “I like Capuano’s body language.”  Flaherty: “Capuano being a fifth starter, has made it his business to eat up as many innings as possible.”  Capuano sucks, and even as a fifth starter is a loss every time out for the Yankees.  My solution, eat the contract and send Crapuano on his way.  EDB



images5K6MQN71untitled  A great guy, but CC is DONE!!! The Yankees will keep playing him, as long as they are paying him.  Sabathia could not hold a 3-0 lead against the putrid A’s.  As usual, the Yankees had chances to add to the lead.  Base runners on second and third and one out.

Pop out to the pitcher by

imagesRNW1LR5Y and strikeout by

imagesGL2DUADT.  Two magnificent pickups by

images5K6MQN71 Genius Cahman.  EDB