hootonweb19s-1-web  In 2014 Don Hooton, who’s son Taylor committed suicide in 2003 due to steroid use.  A-Rod partnered with the foundation and held a press conference in 2009 after admitting steroid use.  A-Rod was trying to earn the public’s forgiving.  Hooton admitted that the press garnered for his foundation was tremendous.  Hooton also called A-Rod ” a nice guy who did a lot of good work for us.”  In the Daily News article by Christian Red Hooton says if I did my math correctly, he was admitting to doing this stuff at the same time we were out in venues like this talking to kids,” said Hooton, who spoke about the dangers of performance-enhancing drugs to students, trainers and athletic directors at the Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center in Little Falls, N.J. Tuesday morning. “Alex sat through, not only personal discussions, but the (foundation’s) programs and it’s like, ‘Were you listening Alex? Did you hear what we were talking about?”  Talking to kids about the dangers of steroids, is a lot worse then cheating the game of Baseball and its fans.  Even though athletes generally make “poor role models” with a few exceptions and provide poor choices for kids, young athletes and kids in general, look up to athletes.  This is why this sham of a person, should not be applauded.