Adam Warren gave up only two runs in seven innings.  But their anemic and pathetic batting order was shut out.  Seven hits and no runs.  Players like Teixiera and Beltran could not get the hit with runners in scoring position.  This great lineup put together by Genius Cashman and hyped by clueless owner Hal Steinbrenner.  Why don’t they retire some more numbers?   EDB



untitled  Nathan “The Clown” Eovaldi did everything in his power for a Yankees’ loss.  Ten hits in less than five innings pitched.  Joe Girardio finally got Clown Eovaldo out of there.  The Yankees bullpen kept the score 3-2 A’s.  The Yankees rallied thanks to

untitled Carlos.  Carlos hit a two run dinger and knocked in the fifth and final Yankee run with a single.  Betances got four batters and Miller closed out the game.   One favor Carlos, could you

untitled  Could you teach me The Mamba? EDB

untitled  Suzyn Waldman as part of The Yankee’s Postgame Show on WFAN Radio, referred to the 7-8-9 in the batting order as a

images A Black Hole.  At least someone has the guts to tell the truth!  Way to go Suzyn.  EDB


untitled  A message to Joltin’ Joe Girardio.  Hey Joe, I realize that part of your time is to protect your players. In reply to what about Stephen Drew, you replied that he has hit the ball hard and should be hitting harder.  It is really hard to listen to this, Joe.  Where the two popups in the infield or two groundouts hit hard?  Drew is 24 for 152.  Just how many hits should Drew have, Joe.  Lets give him ten.  This makes Drew 34 for 152.  Drew would be hitting .223 and that still sucks.  Joe, you sound foolish.  EDB


Watching Stephen Drew pop out in the infield, with two men on and Teixiera waiting on deck, is just the end to the story.  All began with the usual short and crappy start by Chris Crapuano.  Another error by Disgrace Dreadley.  Very few hits by the Yankees anemic and pathetic batting order.  Three disgraceful holes in the batting order: Drew, Young and Gregorious.  Now, the team that swept the Royals and few us the propaganda, has lost two in a row to The Dreadful A’s.  They goo for loss number three, tomorrow, with Nathan “give up those hits” Eovaldi.  EDB

Some stats to ponder:

Capuano 0-3 6.29

Beltran  .239 4 homeruns in almost June

Garret Jones .236 one homerun (looks like this is not a NY player)

Drew .158  (when is it enough with this stiff!)

Young .223

Gregarious .210   EDB


I guess The YES Network believes that nobody is watching The Yankees rom the coast.  Flaherty: looking forward to watching Eovaldi pitch, because he has that electric stuff.  That’s right Flash!  The rule rather than the exception, is that The Yankees score some runs and Nathan gives em back, like he did in Washington.  I’m looking forward to his start.  EDB


The final line on Crapuano 5.3 innings 89 pitches and three runs.  Lorenz, who clearly by his comments, shows his total lack of understanding of Baseball.  Lorenz called this a quality start by Capuano, continuing to kiss his ass.  First of all Bob, you must look at The Yankees rotation, as a whole.  The Yankee starters are way down in innings pitched and the bullpen is burning out.  Every time Crapuano pitches, Girardi has to go to the bullpen early.  Furthermore, three earned runs in 5.1 innings is a 5.09 E.R.A.  In what universe is that a quality start, Bob?  The answer is: NOOOOONE.  I hope you get to do three A,M Yankee games or maybe I will listen to Sterling.  EDB


untitled Tonight The Yankees matched up

images Chris Capuano with

untitled Sonny Gary, A’s ace.  You have to play the game, but really, the Yankees are totally overmatched.  Capuano came in with an 0-2 record and a 7.36 E.R.A.  The Yankees flubbed the ball, but Capuano did his usual act of putting men on base, every inning.  Here is the worst,

untitled Bob Lorenz, a total suck up to The Yankees, happy to do this late, West Coast game, did everything to make sure he gets another game to announce.  The Orioles rallied to beat the Rays.  Lorenz said “The Yankees have a Scoush more breathing room over The Rays.”  Lorenz in talking about Capuano stated that Adam Warren should be sent to the bullpen.  Lorenz said “The Yankees are paying him five million.”  This could be deemed honesty.  The biggest shock, Flash Flaherty agreed.  This is one of the most idiotic statements I have heard.  You are going to retard Warren’s development.  Warren is a young arm, finally finding himself.  You want to do this for a pitcher, who after this game, will be 2-6 as a Yankee.  I am getting sicker by the minute.  Lorenz: “I like Capuano’s body language.”  Flaherty: “Capuano being a fifth starter, has made it his business to eat up as many innings as possible.”  Capuano sucks, and even as a fifth starter is a loss every time out for the Yankees.  My solution, eat the contract and send Crapuano on his way.  EDB


images5K6MQN71untitled  A great guy, but CC is DONE!!! The Yankees will keep playing him, as long as they are paying him.  Sabathia could not hold a 3-0 lead against the putrid A’s.  As usual, the Yankees had chances to add to the lead.  Base runners on second and third and one out.

Pop out to the pitcher by

imagesRNW1LR5Y and strikeout by

imagesGL2DUADT.  Two magnificent pickups by

images5K6MQN71 Genius Cahman.  EDB