Before Sunday’s night game between The Yankees and The Mets, on WFAN Sport’s Radio in New York, Yankees’ radio announcer, Suzyn Waldman interviewed, The Genius, Brian Cashman.  Suzyn asked Brian about several matters.  First Didi Gregorious, his hitting and his fielding.  Cashman said that Gregorious was well scouted.

images Eric Chavez, new to scouting, liked what he saw in Gregorious.  Not a good start in a new job, Eric.

Cashman called

image  a promising prospect.  What can The Genius say, he traded away a pitcher in Greene and a good hitter in Prado, to get Gregorious.  Cashman, on The Yankees team:

“You never know where you have to

How the Litte Dutch Boy got his Start...'  Dutch boy and the finger in dyke... “plug up the dyke.”  Well genius, you have few tools to plug up the dyke.  EDB


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