FROM Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
1. The flower arrangement on the cover is that of a funeral.  The yellow flowers are in the form of a left-handed bass or they spell out Paul.
2. Beatles is made of red flowers 0n the cover and there is an extra letter “0,” at the end.  Leso was the name of a Greek Island that the Beatles had purchased.  The Beatles might have sent an invitation to fans who figured out the mystery, to join them “on their island.”

untitled   untitled

3. A toy Aston Martin is pictured on the lap of the rag doll on the cover.  Legend has it that Paul died in the Aston Martin.


4. The Lonely Hearts that appears on The Bass Drum, can be looked at as “I ONE IX HE DIE.”  If the one is  11 and the Ix is the Roman numeral 9, this might be decoded to mean “11 9 HE DIE,” November 9, HE DIE.


5. The hand on the cover of Sgt. Pepper, over Paul’s head, a mystic symbol for death.
6. Paul is wearing an arm patch, located on the rear cover.  OPD is British Police jargon for Officially Pronounced Dead.  Some say it stands for OPP, Ontario Provincial Police.  What do you think?

From The Magical Mystery Tour

Magical Mystery Tour

7. If the Beatles is viewed in a mirror or upside down, they form a phone number.  If called, someone answers and provided another clue.  Some said that William Campbell would answer the phone.  A legend circulated that a student dialed this number and the voice on the other end, quizzed him about the Beatles.  This student answered all of the questions and won a trip to Pepperland.  He received a letter and was asked to lick the stamp on the envelope.  When he did so, he experienced a LSD trip and jumped out a  window to his death  (A little far fetched.)


8. That’s Paul in The Walrus suit on the cover.  Walrus means corpse in Greek.

9. The song “I Am The Walrus,” was about Paul’s death.  The lyrics “Stupid Bloody Tuesday,” the last time Paul was alive.  The Eggman refers to Humpty Dumpty.  Humpty cracked his head open, as Paul did.

10. At the end of

John Lennon can be heard saying “I buried Paul.” (John does say something at the end of the song, but it’s not “I buried Paul.”

The White Album…

11.   One of the posters inside the gatefold cover, shows Paul

untitled soaking in water, which caused people to remake that it looks like Paul’s Decapitated head.

12 In The

untitled   untitled,

the song contains the lyric, “looking through the glass onion.”  This was British slang for handle of a casket.  Caskets in 19th century had glass handles.  Paul is looking through a glass onion, because he was in a casket.

13.   untitled   untitled
“Revolution #  9,” backwards says “turn me on dead man!”

Abbey Road

14.   On the cover,
Abbey Road Animated animated GIF
The Boys walk across the crossing.  Is this a funeral procession?  John is in white, like a priest: Ringo is in black as an undertaker; Paul is barefoot because people were allegedly buried in Italy in their bare feet and George dressed in jeans, is the gravedigger.  Paul is “out of step” with the other Beatles and holding a cigarette in his left hand, being left-handed.  It is claimed that the picture was taken at crash.  The beatles are pictured walking out of the cemetery.  Actually, there was  no cemetery att his location.
15. Also on the cover of Abbey road, a white Volks wagon license plate that read  :

images Was the explanation 28 if Paul had lived?



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